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A million light-years away from the ugly, coarse, scratchy fake grass of yesteryear, many public playgrounds across the U.S. now feature realistic artificial turf and synthetic grass products that actively help to make the area safer and more aesthetically pleasing. Around Lake Tahoe, Sparks, Carson City and Reno, Nevada Artificial Grass’s synthetic playground turf and grass solutions aim to provide a better place in which your children can play with family and friends, and all without fear of injury.  Thanks to our years of experience in the synthetic turf industry, Nevada Artificial Grass designs and manufactures outstanding artificial grass and landscaping turf products that always look lush and green, just like the real thing! This means that, if you are in the market for hard-wearing public play area flooring that never gets thin or gradually turns yellow due to extreme weather conditions, our expert installers can provide you with the perfect grass solution that will stay immaculate all year round, no matter the climate.

Nevada Artificial Grass takes pride in the fact that its playground grass products are so popular with parents who want a safe, soft surface that their children can play on without the risk of unfortunate slip and fall accidents and painful injuries. Each of our synthetic playground turf applications is meticulously designed and constructed before being rigorously tested to supply a supple, cushioning surface. In fact; in accordance with IPEMA standards and CSA approved fall attenuation, children can fall from as high as 12 feet onto our synthetic materials. All Nevada Artificial Grass products are ADA compliant as well as class 1 and class A fire rated.

  • Each Nevada Artificial Grass playground turf installation features 100 percent recycled foam padding below the top layer
  • No divots, holes, bald spots, or other unsightly surface blemishes are able to appear
  • Also, say goodbye to messy grass and mud stains on your child’s clothes forever!
  • Quick drainage helps to keep the top layer dry after a downpour
  • No need for watering, mowing or fertilizing, which helps to reduce maintenance costs in the long run
  • Our turf is robust, versatile, and able to maintain the look and feel of real grass regardless of heavy foot traffic

A large amount of time is invested in the research and development process at Nevada Artificial Grass to create all of our products, and our playground turf has been specifically designed to handle the typical, everyday rough and tumble when kids play together. Given that natural grass becomes thin over time, the chances of your child getting a skinned knee or something even worse will unavoidably increase. Fortunately, with our spongy playground grass products, children will be much less susceptible to injury and parents can rest assured that their children are in Nevada Artificial Grass’s safe hands.

At Nevada Artificial Grass, we believe that every child should be able to run and play without the risk of injury, and our Reno playground turf is the ideal surface on which to do so. All across counties such as Washoe, Carson, Douglas, Storey, Humboldt, Elko, Churchill, and Pershing, our skilled team works exceptionally hard to provide playground flooring that kids and parents alike adore! For more information about the installation services we offer, please contact us online or call 775-322-9631 today.

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Why Choose Our Artificial Playground Turf

Our artificial playground turf has become a staple in play spaces for a variety of reasons. Below we’ll review some of the most common features that encourage businesses and homeowners to make the switch.

Remarkable Safety Features

Both residential and commercial playgrounds have begun transitioning to artificial turf in record numbers. This is largely due to its inherent safety features. Synthetic grass is comprised of state-of-the-art padding and cushioning that absorbs shock and helps to prevent children from suffering serious injuries while playing.

In a similar vein, our artificial turf is made with unique synthetic properties that enable it to absorb heat. This is important because most playgrounds are located outdoors, where they are subjected to continuous exposure to the sun’s rays. The sun has been known to cause turf to become too hot for children to enjoy. Conversely, our artificial turf is built with heat-blocking components that allow it to remain cool even when subjected to Nevada’s unforgiving heat.

Incredibly Low Maintenance

Natural grass at most playgrounds is readily uprooted, damaged, and discolored due to exposure to intense heat and extensive foot activity. It can be costly to restore it to its previous condition because it necessitates constant landscaping and watering.

On the other hand, artificial turf can withstand heavy foot traffic and long periods of exposure to the sun’s heat. It does not require any ongoing landscaping or upkeep and will look immaculate all year long, regardless of use or weather conditions.

Easily Customizable

Kids’ playgrounds are popping up almost everywhere kids congregate. Along with schools, parks, and daycare facilities, other establishments such as restaurants and shopping complexes are converting to synthetic turf. 

At Nevada Artificial Grass, our extensive experience coupled with unmatched skill makes us the ideal partner for your next artificial turf project. Whether it’s a residential lawn, or a custom surface for your school, daycare, or business premises, we can help. Our highly skilled designers have amassed an impressive track record, and we can assist you in bringing your ideas to fruition.

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Nevada Artificial Grass is your one-stop shop for high-quality synthetic playground grass in Reno, NV, and the surrounding areas. As a result of technological advancement, our grass is aesthetically pleasing, resilient, safer, and easily adaptable. That makes it an excellent surface for various residential playgrounds, parks, schools, childcare centers, and commercial playgrounds. Our highly qualified crew will assist you throughout the whole process. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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