Benefits of Nevada Artificial Grass | Reno

So, you are trying to decide if artificial grass Reno, Nevada is worth the investment. What are the benefits? The disadvantages? You need to be informed before you make this big of a decision. Turf is an investment, and one you, as the consumer, need to be educated about before pulling the trigger on a purchase. The good news? When you are weighing the pros and cons of real grass vs. fake grass, it is no competition! There are endless benefits to Nevada Artificial Grass synthetic turf that will leave you jumping at the opportunity to install an artificial lawn. NEVADA RESIDENTS ARE SAVING TIME & MONEY WITH OUR TURF!

See instant results and save money with Artificial Grass Installations for your Reno Home! Cut down on your water bill with artificial grass installations. How much water do you spend keeping your backyard alive and at an optimal shade of green during the summer months? It takes a lot of gallons to keep your lawn green.

Water bills can be extremely costly at times, especially in arid areas of Nevada! Water isn’t the only area you spend money on. What about your mower? If you have a conventional yard, mowing upkeep is a must. Why not stop wasting electricity or gas running a mower? Plus, you can ditch your lawnmower for good and pocket the extra cash! ARTIFICIAL TURF SAVES NEVADA RESIDENTS PRECIOUS WEEKEND TIME

Did you know that the average person spends two hours every weekend on lawn maintenance? We turn on sprinklers, get out the mower, and even the weedwhacker. What would you do if you had two extra hours every Saturday to do something you enjoyed?

Bring back going out for ice cream, trips to the movies, long walks, or even a hobby of your choice with your newfound freedom. After installing Nevada Artificial Grass turf, Reno homeowners leave their time-consuming, conventional lawn in the past! Are you ready to take back your weekend? Give Nevada Artificial Grass a call today. 


With turf that is both kid friendly and pet friendly, your children and animals will love it! Extra-spongy turf is the perfect area for playgrounds or dog runs. Watch kids of all ages spend hours outside getting exercise and fresh air or experience what a dog run could mean for your pet’s happiness! Plus, as about our top-of-the-line pet deodorizer that keeps your turf smelling amazing year-round


Synthetic turf from Nevada Artificial Grass Reno is environmentally friendly. If you live in an area that is prone to droughts or are someone who practices water conservation, artificial turf is the perfect yard solution for you. Our waterless grass requires virtually no h2o and stays green no matter what the temperature. You can feel good about the water you are saving and rest easy knowing your carbon footprint is at an all-time low!


Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to have guests over at the drop of a hat? Having a small get together shouldn’t take hours to prepare for. With Nevada Artificial Grass’s synthetic turf in your backyard, there’s no more rushing to mow the lawn or embarrassment over those patchy dead areas of grass that summer so often brings no matter how hard we try.

Our fake lawns look and feels as luscious as a meadow and stays that way even in the most brutal weather conditions. Stop being tied to the need to upkeep your lawn before calling guests over and experience freedom when you choose an Nevada Artificial Grass artificial lawn for your Reno, NV home.ARTIFICIAL GRASS MAY EVEN RAISE THE VALUE OF YOUR HOME!

Are you ready to reap the countless benefits that come with owning a top-of-the-line artificial lawn? With synthetic turf that pays for itself a new way every single day, you will be thrilled with your purchase. Plus, Nevada Artificial Grass Reno can create unique designs for each homeowner, guaranteeing you will end up with a customized yard that is perfect for your space.

Take back your weekend, save time and money, have more get-togethers, and so much more, when you choose Nevada Artificial Grass artificial grass for your Reno, NV home. Contact a member of our Nevada Artificial Grass Reno team today for a free quote!