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Commercial Synthetic Turf For Businesses Throughout Reno

Providing homeowners and businesses in Reno and surrounding areas with hard-wearing and robust synthetic turf installations for over a decade, Nevada Artificial Grass has grown to become a true pioneer throughout the design and installation process over the years. Our gorgeous artificial lawns are suitable for both commercial and residential locations, including office-based putting golf greens and lush, relaxing grassy landscaping turf areas for hotel receptions, apartment complexes, rooftop bars, backyard pet turf runs, and more. The most important thing to keep in mind with our synthetic faux turf applications is that they are all fully customized, which means that they can be designed and installed according to your personal preferences, no matter the size or shape of the area. When you choose to work with Nevada Artificial Grass, you are involved in the process every step of the way! Serving Reno, Lake Tahoe, Carson City, Sparks, and all of Northern Nevada, our synthetic grass installations offer a number of advantages, such as:

  • Extremely easy to maintain
  • Offers significant savings in relation to water/utility bills
  • Offers significant savings thanks to minor maintenance costs
  • Provides a believably realistic substitute for real grass
  • Continues to look and feel like a natural lawn in all climates, regardless of temperature or time of the year
  • Child and pet-friendly materials

For business facilities located in and around Reno, artificial grass and synthetic turf spaces are gradually becoming more prevalent. Not only will you see our synthetics being used for landscaping turf in casinos and hotels, but our durable Nevada Artificial Grass products are also becoming increasingly popular as office golf practice putting greens too! That’s right, many inner-city offices and other commercial buildings have started to see the benefits of an always green, lush, grassy relaxation area that actively helps to boost employee morale and increase interdepartmental relationships all throughout the company.  At Nevada Artificial Grass, we offer high quality commercial synthetic lawn products for many different budget types, so why not contact us today for more details? Feel free to call our turf experts today at 775-322-9631 about a Nevada Artificial Grass installation that is truly second to none. Our turf boasts a flawlessly manicured look all year round, and is designed and constructed to withstand heavy foot traffic in the long run. The counties we serve include Washoe, Carson, Douglas, Storey, Humboldt, Elko, Churchill, and Pershing.

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Why Choose Our Commercial Artificial Turf?

Enhance the Customer Experience

Many shopping areas want to offer customers a hint of nature and added comfort during their shopping experience. One of the best ways to do this is to install synthetic turf. It’s impeccably green, lively, and easy to maintain. Guests and clients will surely return when they enjoy their overall experience. 

Low Maintenance

For businesses, time is money. Unfortunately, a large chunk of that time and money is spent on endless landscaping for commercial lawns. Installing artificial grass is the obvious solution. Our synthetic grass doesn’t need trimming, watering, or seeding, and it does not lose its luster regardless of time or use.

Does Not Need Water

One of the most beneficial features of commercial artificial grass is that it doesn’t need water to thrive. This means it can be installed in areas with heavy customer activity, no sun, or even indoors. Additionally, no watering means there is no risk of soil erosion, weeds, fungi, or algae. As a result, artificial grass is the best choice for storefronts and other shopping areas.

Conserves the Environment

From the manufacturing process to the final product, artificial turf is one of the most inventive ways to conserve the environment. Because it eliminates the need for chemicals such as fertilizers, insecticides, and herbicides, it reduces the number of harmful toxins that may impact food and water ecosystems.

Similarly, commercial artificial grass eliminates the need for lawn mowing equipment, most of which run on gasoline or diesel. This profoundly lowers the amount of fossil fuel emissions being released into the atmosphere.

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At Nevada Artificial Grass, we have established ourselves as one of Reno, NV’s leading installers of artificial grass. Thanks to technological advancements, our turf is remarkably lifelike, resilient, safe, and environmentally friendly. This makes it an excellent choice for residential and commercial lawns, as well as golf putting greens, children’s playgrounds, pet grass, dog turf, and retail surfaces.

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