Artificial Grass Is Clean

No one likes to spend his or her free time cleaning the house… so don’t! Our experts know that artificial grass is a great way to keep Reno homes clean during the rainy season, but did you know there are many other ways to cut down on the time you spend on spring-cleaning? Here are our tips to make cleaning as stress-free as possible this spring so you can spend more time enjoying the season.

The Patio
Your indoor cleaning routine should actually begin outside. Sweep the patio as often as needed to remove any dust, dirt or errant leaves that could be tracked inside. This will improve your home’s curb appeal as well as curb the amount of cleaning you have to do at home.

Welcome Home
Use two welcome mats – one outside the front door and another inside to catch dirt that might fall after guests have entered your home. Be sure to keep both mats clean for best results. The outdoor mat should be shaken, hosed off and left to air dry while the indoor mat should be vacuumed regularly.

Use the Mud Room
Boots, sneakers, heels, and sandals should all be confined to the mudroom when not in use. If you can, try to create a shoe station near all entrances and exits.

Upgrade your Lawn
Not only is artificial grass water-friendly, but the residents of Reno will be glad to hear that it also eliminates the mud which is often tracked indoors during the rainy season. Our grass has a drainage rate of 30 inches per hour, which helps prevent puddles and pooling in the yard, too. Parents will no longer have to caution children to stay inside after it rains and pet owners will be glad they no longer have to wipe down Fido’s feet after every potty break.

Ceiling Fans
Ceiling fixtures that have not been cleaned properly are capable of spreading dust across even a very large room. Invest in a tall stepladder and clean your ceiling fixtures on a regular basis to help prevent dust from falling onto the floors and countertops of your home.

Plant It
Get air-purifying houseplants to stash around the home like these mentioned on Hello Glow. Plants like the Peace Lily, Pothos, Philodendron, and Rubber Plant are all capable of removing harmful pollutants from the air and returning clean, healthy oxygen instead.

Light it Up There is a good chance that the lighting in your home makes it feel dirtier than it really is. Avoid incandescent or fluorescent bulbs and opt for full-spectrum “daylight” bulbs that mimic natural sunlight. These lightbulbs allow for better visual accuracy and can help your house look brighter (read: cleaner).

Develop a Clean Routine Try to complete small cleanups on a regular basis instead of putting it off for the weekend. For example, make sure to wash the dishes each night before bed and put away small items around the house as you come across them. This will help manage the mess so your “big” cleanup day isn’t really so big at all.
Enjoy a clean home with less effort when you use these cleaning tips this spring. If artificial grass or turf is a part of your efforts to reduce mud this season, contact our Reno office and get a completely free estimate to help your muddy lawn evolve into something magnificent.

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